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atlantic ocean more than three years ago. there is now concern that the pilot may have been dangerously under slept. this morning, a cruel prank, targets a girl scout troop. a big sale fell through. the community stepped up to give the girls a treat they will never forget an unbelievable story. there is always time for boys and girls to go wild. and that's what is happening this time of year. how they're going beyond the normal bounds of partying into scary territory. this morning one woman offers advice that may help you rethink those plans you young people. >> spring break. >> oh, yes. >> wasn't too long ago. >> that's for sure. first the equivalent to guilty verdict in the rape case that divided an ohio town and drew attention from around the country. >> two high school football stars found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl too drunk to remember what happened. all played out on social media. abc's alex perez following the trial. >> reporter: seconds after hearing they were convicted
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17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond burst into tears. consoled by his mother, richmond turned to the family of the 16-year-old girl, he and mays were convicted of sexually assaulting and begged for forgiveness. >> i would like to apologize to you. i had no intention to do it. and i am sorry to put you guys through this. >> reporter: prosecutors argued the victim was too drunk to consent in an exclusive interview with abc news, elizabeth vargas asked richmond if he was ready for the verdict. >> even if i am found not guilty, it will be haunt me, the way my name was thrown around and bashed and all the negativity on my name now, all the dirt. it really doesn't even matter. >> it doesn't matter. >> no. >> what kinds of things, what were the most hurtful things people were saying about you? >> that you should hang him. >> that you should hang him? >> yeah, the case ignited a
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national firestorm on social media when this picture of mays and richmond carrying the victim was shared online. >> the key evidence in this case was a photograph that was sent out on social media. text messages that were sent by the defendants. >> reporter: the texts and images compounding the victim's pain while giving prosecutors more evidence. with the trial behind them this small town, now, looking forward. >> social media can be a very dangerous thing if people don't understand the consequences and they're widespread effects of social media. >> reporter: the way the charges break down, mays faces a minimum of two years at a juvenile detention center. richmond faces at least a year. but depending on their behavior they could be both held up until age 21. richmond's attorney says they do plan to appeal. alex perez, abc news, steubenville, ohio. such a disturbing story. >> that's true. and you know, the victim in the case says she, when asked, what
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do you have to say. she says i really don't know what happened. she had to piece it all together through social media. youtube, instagram, things on twitter, people were texting her, pictures that got out there because these kids themselves were texting these pictures of themselves. >> it's just -- just don't do it. yeah, monday morning quarterbacking. don't do it. >> young people are learning that slowly but surely. these are the consequences of your actions. then when you put it out there for the world to see it gets even worse. >> yeah. sad all around. let's talk about a developing story from indiana. at least two people are dead after their plane crashed into a south bend neighborhood. now this jet apparently was having mechanical problems just before it tried to land at the airport it hit two homes on the ground then became stuck inside a third house. this woman heard it happen. >> all of a sudden sputtering or something and boom. nothing else. got real quiet. about 30 seconds later i started
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hearing a fire truck. i said to my husband "i think a plane just crashed." >> the crash scene was especially dangerous for investigators given the spilled jet fuel and structural damage to the homes. investigators in south carolina spent their first full day looking for the cause of a fast moving blaze that destroyed 26 buildings and more than 100 homes in myrtle beach. no one was hurt in the fire which was one of dozens which broke out across state on saturday. an arrest in the murder of an american woman in turkey. police say the man here, a homeless scrap paper collector, killed the woman, a 33-year-old mother of two boys from new york. she traveled to turkey alone after the friend canceled the trip on her. she died from a fatal blow to the head. police haven't said why the man not being identified killed her. vice president biden is leading the u.s. delegation as pope francis is officially installed in ceremonies tomorrow. yesterday hundreds of thousands of worshippers packed st. peter's square to hear the pope deliver his blessing. beforehand he ventured into the
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crowd to greet well-wishers face to face proving quite a challenge for his security detail. more than three years ago an air france flight dropped out of the sky over the atlantic ocean. everyone on board was killed. now there is knew information about the captain. it turns out he may have been sleep deprived. >> reporter: the plane was designed to be incapable of stalling. basically pilot proof. but air france flight 447 traveling from rio de janeiro to paris ended in the atlantic ocean in 2009, killing all 288 onboard. only two years later would the flight recorder be found showing the plane crashed from equipment problem that disengaged the autopilot in a storm. leaving a young, insufficiently trained crew unable to manually fly the plane. and a french newsmagazine, le point reporting shortly after takeoff the pilot said in the
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cockpit "i didn't sleep enough last night. one hour. it's not enough." in fact, the pilot was on a rest break when the trouble started. he returned to find chaos in the cockpit. french authorities have refused to release the entire black box transcript. abc's elizabeth vargas questioned the decision. >> why did you leave parts out? >> well, you know you have some personal conversations that is not useful to understand the accident. >> but that's not personal? >> well, maybe, maybe -- >> if true the sleep deprivation report raises new concerns about why it was not part of the original investigation and whether the full black box transcript should now be released. police in quebec tracked down two fugitives after a brazen jailbreak in broad day light. they escaped in dramatic fashion, climbing a rope into a helicopter hovering above within hours. one inmate was arrested 30 miles away. a short time later the second
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inmate surrounded by police. the pilot and another person taken into custody. it's not clear what role they played. you may be aware yesterday was st. patrick's day by the green sweaters or the pounding in your head in the morning. well there was also a wee bit of celebration at the white house. the water in the fountains on the north and south lawns of the white house were dyed green to mark the day. the idea was the first lady's. she was inspired by the st. paddy's day celebrations in her hometown of chicago where the city dyed the river green. that's always fun. two daredevils have pulled off a death defying stunt soaring like eagles high above rio de janeiro. >> check it out, wearing wing suits to add surface area to the body. gliding through the air. they didn't stop there. thread through tiny openings between two skyscrapers. >> yikes. the weather cooperated. an unexpected gust of wind could have ended the stunt differently. something you would do? >> never.
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never. i am not like a daredevil type of guy. >> now that we have you here full time. my goal in life is to get you to jump out of the airplane. >> never say never. >> join twitter and jump out of the airplane. which of the two do you think you will do? >> if that is the scenario. i will have to join twitter real fast. i don't know, would you jump out of a plane? >> now that i have a little one. in my younger days i think so. >> wow. i'm getting on twitter. leave it right there. >> there you go. he said it on tv. a dangerous vacation, tens of thousands of young people prepared to descend on spring break destinations. and leave their inhibitions behind. >> first, the cruelest of cruel. some excited girl scout get a massive order for cookies and it turns out to be a hoax. stay tuned. this story does have a happy ending. we'll tell you about it. ♪ honesty is hardly ever heard
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♪ you bring your music when the sun goes down ♪ ♪ maybe some day your name will be in lights ♪ ♪ johnny be good tonight ♪ go go go johnny go >> hey, hey. it's our johnny boy. >> how about that. welcome to my new, new "world news now" co-anchor john muller. i know all of you have seen him fill in frequently for rob. today you officially take over. >> didn't sleep a wink. all excited about this. tried to got a good night's sleep or good day's sleep. didn't happen. thrilled to be here. so many great people. sitting in this sit. now i am sitting in the seat. i have been watching show the for years. people behind the scenes so great. in the times i filled in. the dozen times. thrilled to be here. the sleep not so much. >> yeah, you will kind of get used to that or never. >> or never. >> what are we going to do? tell us a little bit about yourself? where do you live? >> i split my time between manhattan and the jersey shore. i am from new york originally.
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>> beautiful daughter. >> 9 years old. come from a big family of seven kids. i have been in the business for a couple decades. i was a morning anchorman at a local station here in new york. i always watched the show. the people that worked the show had it worse than me in terms of not getting any sleep. i graduated to be one of them. totally thrilling. what else can i tell you about me? >> you are saying you know how to do this is what you are trying to say? >> i know how to survive with very little sleep. have a few laughs. have some fun. casual. it will be great. >> we are excited to have you. thank you so much. we have some news to tell you. not great. hard to imagine what could motivate someone to play a cruel trick on the girl scouts. >> they thought they made a huge corporate sale of 6,000 boxes. make you happy as a girl scout. turns out it was a hoax. abc's tonya rivera has the community rallied behind them to help. >> reporter: one of the tastiest american traditions. >> the cookies are here.
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>> reporter: these portland, oregon, girl scouts thought they made the sweetest sale ever selling 6,000 boxes of cookies until it all went sour. >> they placed a fake order on us. >> they didn't know it would hurt our feelings a lot. >> reporter: the troops were left holding the bag, or rather the boxes when the $24,000 corporate order turned out to be a hoax. >> i was the one that ended up taking the order. so this was a situation that i took personally. >> reporter: the order apparently placed by a woman who worked at a local company and whom many of the troop mothers knew so there was no reason to doubt the sale until it came time to collect. >> i contacted the mother's company. and they said we have no idea what is going on. >> reporter: when word got out the girl scouts had been duped an emergency sale at their portland headquarters was announced. >> we have samoas, dosie-dos. >> reporter: hundreds of scout supporters showed up. >> i would look a case of the
3:16 am
shortbread and case of the thin mints. >> reporter: by the end of the day half the inventory had been cleared out to the tune of $12,000. for the girls, the experience is a big life lesson. another way the girl scouts has helped them grow. >> for every one person that has, you know, bad intentions there are hundreds more with good intentions and good hearts that are here to help you. >> reporter: scouts honor. tanya rivero, abc news, new york. listen, terrible hoax. but a community rallied around them. really bad people, really good peop people. my favorite girl scout cookie? >> what are they called? >> samoas. >> yes! >> thin mints. >> all right. we will be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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spring break 2013 spring break 2013 is upon us the a new film looking at parties and drinking. >> abc's juju chang shows us
3:18 am
what it is all about. >> reporter: it is the annual pilgrimage, millions of spring breakers migrating to beaches all over the world. the new movie "spring breakers" glorifies the escape. the film takes us on a wild ride of debauchery. critics argue the show-and-tell isn't too far from reality. >> get out of the fast lane! >> reporter: there is holly. >> going 90. >> reporter: holly's exploits are featured in "faded" which offers a sobering message for unsuspecting parents. according to centers of disease control, 90% of underage drinkers are binge drinkers with young adults chugging down nine drinks at a time. >> disgusting. you are encouraging each other. do it. do it.
3:19 am
just fast. telling each other tips on how to drink it faster so you don't taste it. >> reporter: for girls alcohol has added danger of giving them courage to act out sexually. and then providing an excuse for the risky behavior the morning after. >> when the girls are drunk and the guys start to push it to the limit, the alcohol gave you liquid courage to start but not to stop. >> reporter: looking back holly says perhaps the best prevention is helping a young girl beat back her escalating insecurities. what do you say to the 14-year-old you? >> i would tell her that she is beautiful and capable of doing whatever she wants to do. and i don't think i knew that. >> reporter: you don't need the alcohol? >> yeah, i could be cool without it. >> reporter: something these spring breakers may need to hear during the few weeks in march when alcohol reigns supreme. i'm juju chang. >> dad's worst nightmare. >> coming from a dad and a mom. the mix is next. mom. the mix is next. it's scary how much dirt your vacuum can leave behind.
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add resolve deep clean powder before you vacuum. the powder is moist. lifting three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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time for "the mix." let's get right to it. a sweet, sad story. the first one. a couple tying the knot from illinois, a man battling brain cancer. 28 years old. battling this for four years. his dream is to marry his high school sweetheart and to go on a honeymoon. all this time he is basically in a battle for his life. earlier this week, not this week, earlier in this month, march 9 they tie the knot and get married. they wanted to do a honeymoon right. they didn't have the money. fighting brain cancer. what a great guy, his last name is kane, nolan, 28 from kewanee, illinois. his sisters get together and put out the call that they want to send this guy on his dream honeymoon with his wife. in fact they raised $60,000. >> wow. >> so they're going to go to
3:24 am
disneyland. >> isn't that a great, great story. >> there you go. look at the pictures. dream came true. the wedding and honeymoon. and wish him the best of luck in his fight. now, we'll move on to this story. you wanted to confess your sins but not too brave to go to the confessional. >> want to get it off your chest. >> you pick pocketed last week, you told me didn't go to the police. a guy in brooklyn apparently started like, there it is. you can call in and all you have to do is listen for the voicemail and you leave your confessional. i think what we are going to do now because you and i have lots we need to confess. we're going to, we're going to do some confessions, see if he answers, first of all. >> let's hope he doesn't. >> the world is watching. >> oh, boy, let's see if he answers. that's three. i have a lot to tell this guy. >> do you really? >> i do. >> ooh have done awful evil
3:25 am
things i can never tell a priest. the first one is put might phone up to my boob. it's to the microphone. >> you have reached the confession line. people must apologize. apologize we have wronged against people. your confession. >> i will do this earlier? >> i stole an orange from the newsroom. working weekend overnights. one of the desks back here. >> i don't even like oranges that much. >> that's all you got. >> the only one i will share. i shouldn't eat this. this doesn't belong to me. people came in. i am confessing. you expect me to confess a doosie. >> i put gum on your chair. >> on my chair. why would you do such a thing? >> i'm an evil person you. should know. we are getting to know each other. >> no gum. no gum. >> do i have another one? >> yeah, i had a couple cocktails one time and came in to do the news. i had one too ma
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this morning on "world news now" -- hope on wall street for another banner week. >> traders are poised for more gains as the economy gains steam. can this party last? it's monday, march 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> hey, wow. >> who? >> they said our names. >> let's hear that again. >> cue that up again. ♪ >> "world news now." >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> sounds nice, right. >> that's you. >> let's do it. >> that's you, me, us. welcoming a familiar face to our anchor desk. here this morning. of course, a face that you recognize. john muller, congratulations. welcome to the team. >> a thrill to be here. i have filled in dozens of
3:29 am
times. hopefully a few of you know me. out there. like i said all morning long, i have always been a fan of the show. i always really watched it because i used to do another show cross town locally. i would look up from the makeup chair and be like those poor guys are already up and doing it. what i am about to do. i thought i was the only one up at the hour. i'm a night owl. and i have always loved the show. tradition of people sitting in the chairs is just staggering. humbling to take over for such talented people. >> how is the sleep schedule coming along? >> i have no clue. i couldn't sleep a wink last night. >> just excited. >> fired up. my first night. >> why not. >> i knew i wouldn't sleep. i don't know what i will do -- i will take an hour here. two hours there. i'll take it piecemeal. >> there you go. >> i'll see. >> are you letting your daughter stay up and watch? >> no. we dvr it. we dvr it. she has seen me on tv. so many times. she is like, oh, whatever. >> old, hat, dad, please. >> -- and icarly and all these things. >> well, we are excited to have you here. >> i'm excited. >> beginning of a new era. we are fired up. >> i am fired up. thank you for having me, folks.
3:30 am
>> keep the dial on there, please. i'll win you over sooner or later. i know it will take some time. i won't come on too strong. let's talk about our top story and some of the stories we'll follow for you this morning. a terrifying scene in south bend, indiana. a small plane slamming into a neighborhood this morning. two people are dead. three homes are destroyed. >> also this half-hour, it was an important investigation that revealed the condition of the chicken factories that produce our dinner. now, a proposed bill may keep us from ever knowing what actually happens in the factories. >> in "the skinny" this morning, everyone has been speculating on whether duchess kate will have a girl or boy. now she is revealing what she wants to have. >> we're not so sure about whether that is the case or not. there were a couple of things that happened. slips of the tongue, a couple weeks ago, she said she might be having a d-d-d, now she says she wants a s-s-s. >> we'll talk about it. >> we'll see. >> but first, new worries about a european economy which needs propping up.
3:31 am
lawmakers in cypress expected to pass a euro zone bailout plan. >> fears about the fragile economic recovery are likely to affect wall street. last week was a different story. >> reporter: family vacations, what bill and kathy walters live for. and what they were planning on when they invested in their 401(k). but like so many others their nest egg took a hard fall in 2008. when we talked to them in january, they had gotten some good news. >> my retirement went crash and the recovery has been fantastic. >> reporter: and today? >> 401(k)s have done well since january. you know you are up probably 10%-plus in a lot of accounts. >> reporter: their accounts have doubled some tripled since 2009. which means more family vacations. and they're not alone. with the dow having its best run in 16 years. >> starting from an environment
3:32 am
where people thought the u.s. economy was done forever, we had a wonderful bull market appear out of no where. >> reporter: and all those nest eggs? the recession shung the average 401(k) from a high of $67,000 in 2007 to over $46,000 in 2009. but that average has rebounded to more than $77,000 in 2012. experts say that every day americans like the walters got it right. leaving their 401(k) intact riding out the market swings. as painful as that can be. would you suggest that people just not pay attention to the number every day? so many people do. >> absolutely not. for a 10, 20 year, 401(k). stay in the market long term. you should be fine. at least two people have died after their plane crashed into a south bend, indiana neighborhood. the small jet was experiencing mechanical problems as it tried to land at the nearby airport. it hit two homes and then became stuck inside of a third house. investigators believe everyone on the ground, though, did
3:33 am
survive. >> i was outside grilling on the grill. i looked up heard some engine noise. the plane was right over our house at that time. and at that time it did an upside-down corkscrew and then hit into the house across the street. >> investigators say the crash scene is especially hazardous given structural damage to the house and the leaking jet fuel. investigators in pennsylvania trying to determine the cause of a deadly bus crash, a bus that was carrying the women's lacrosse team from a small catholic university. the bus ran off the road slammed into a tree. killed the driver and 30-year-old seton coach kristina quigley. she was 6 months pregnant. students gathered for a memorial last night at the campus chapel. one student is still in the hospital. president obama is facing resistance from israel's incoming government as he prepares to embark on his first official visit to israel. his visit happens in two days. israel's new housing minister says prime minister benjamin netanyahu's cabinet plans to keep expanding jewish settlements. president obama had long urged
3:34 am
israel to halt building on the disputed land. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows many more americans continue to side with israel rather than the palestinian authority. but most also prefer to leave peace negotiations between the two sides rather than involve the united states. 55% sympathize more with israel. just 9% sympathize with the palestinian authority. while 18% have no opinion. big trip for president obama. there is a perception by some that -- that the president has devoted more of his energies and his, his vision to arab issues rather than israeli issues. a perception by some, fair or not. so there is a sense that he is going over there to sort of maybe give the impression that he is mending fences. >> and by, by doing what he has done as far as arab issues goes it puts him on the opposite side of where a lot of people want him. because of our tight relationship with israel. that's something that they want to continue to happen. and the fact that he, in the eyes of many has been on the
3:35 am
opposite side of israel, and he has been against the settlements, which israel is very much for. it's strained relationships for the president. >> will be a tightrope on the trip. let's talk about the latest on the horrifying lion attack at a california animal sanctuary. the last person to speak to the victim telling her story in an abc news exclusive. fellow cat haven worker megan pauls was on the phone with diana hanson before the attack. she was also the one who found the 24-year-old intern's lifeless body in the cage. and she says she has been overcome with grief. >> i came around the corner and i saw her behind a bush on the ground. and i called to her. and couscous was near her. she looked as if she was unconscious. there was no response. >> pauls believes the whole thing was a terrible accident.
3:36 am
the owner of the sanctuary says he thinks hanson accidentally left the gate open. >> to show you how close the people are to the animals. she said in this case she lost two friends. the animal and diana. >> yes. well, europe's biggest bank reportedly plans to cut as many as 5,000 jobs. it's part of hsbc's plan to cut $1 billion in costs. "the financial times" says details will be announced in may. the bank could cut even more jobs. but the cuts could be offset by hsbc's push into new areas of technology such as mobile banking. listen to this one -- a pro football player is a free agent because of a contract glitch. it was his agent who wound up getting sacked because of this. the nfl player's $30 million contract with the denver broncos arrived six minutes late. the fax machine was too slow. but two other pro teams are now interested in him. he has fired his agent. millions of dollars at stake. the fax machine blows the deal. >> one thing he did right, fire his agent. >> yeah, wow. a stunning sky scape this weekend in central minnesota. take a look at this.
3:37 am
that is an aurora borealis, northern lights as it is called. >> beautiful. >> awesome. >> people travel from hundreds of miles away to take a look at the spectacular light show put on by mother nature. triggered by a strong solar flare that enters the earth's magnetic field and did that last week. >> i would like to see that someday. >> if you are a film crew. go up there, set up your camera. you have a beautiful shot for, i don't know, the world ending or something. >> one of those you walk out of the tavern and go, "are those northern lights or did i have one too many?" right? >> there you go, nice. >> maybe we have seen the northern lights here in manhattan. >> you didn't know. st. patrick's day, anyone. >> i was a good boy. i had to be here tonight. >> no sleep? >> no sleep. >> next one. coming up, you've seen the videos, though you probably didn't want to. undercover shots of farm animals being abused. >> now a new bill will prevent the videos from ever getting out. you are watching "world news
3:38 am
now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by swiffer 360 duster. swiffer 360 duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. so at air wick, we waited. a captivating blend of scented notes,
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are experiencing amazing shine. quantum with new power gel delivers brilliant shine, which cascade can't do. take the finish shine challenge and get up to 30% off.
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>> you turn to news for a lot of different reasons to. have a show have something you can apply to real life. >> great. we didn't think world news was teach us how to make money. >> awesome. $700 is no chokjoke.
3:42 am
>> it's great to know there is a news program out there looking out for our family. we know when they go to sleep it's because of help we got from abc news. >> now to an abc news investigation. it involves some of the food that ends up in your kitchen. uncovering use of abuse of animals on some farms. >> an undercover video is illegal in a growing number of states. brian ross has more. >> reporter: it is a glamorous, celebrity packed award event. these are the genesis award given by the humane society of the united states. that often honor graphic undercover videos of animal cruelty and mistreatment at what are called factory farms. the head of the humane society says such undercover videos have been the key to tough new anti-cruelty laws. >> this led to the largest meat recall in american history.
3:43 am
>> reporter: and this one which exposed cruelty and unsanitary conditions at major pork producers. but now all of that could be coming to an end. under pressure from the agriculture industry at least five states now have laws making it a crime to go undercover on farm properties to record videos and agriculture industry lobbying groups used their influence and money to try to expand the ban as part of the effort they cite to what happened to these dairy farmers. an undercover investigator with mercy for animals got a job at the bettencourt's dairy operation last year and made these disturbing videos of fellow workers handling the cattle. including the use of electric prods. the five employees caught on tape were fired. even the bettencourts agree it was a damning video. agricultural lobbyists claiming that the agenda of the animal rights group is not humane treatment of animals, but rather
3:44 am
getting publicity and promoting a vegan lifestyle. the bettencourts are using the video they object to train employees in their zero tolerance policy for cruelty. >> reporter: there is some good that has come from this? >> yeah. >> reporter: not enough in the view of farm lobbyists to stop the efforts that have made undercover taping on farms illegal in five states. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> hard to watch that isn't it? >> what do i know? i hate watching them. everybody hates looking at it. i do feel like we need to have them out there. if anything is ever going to change. people need to be held accountable. >> when we come back we'll check "the skinny." >> you're watching "world news now."
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3:46 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right, everybody. welcome back. welcome to "the skinny." we have a lot to get to today. lots of celebrity news. starting with kate middleton, duchess of cambridge. she is pregnant. 5 months pregnant. couple weeks ago she let her tongue slip, somebody asked her a question, gave her something,
3:47 am
and she said she would give it to her d-d -- >> her darling douglas. >> daughter. daughter. everybody thinks she meant to say daughter. well it sounds like she might be doing a little back pedaling. because at a st. patrick's day parade she told a soldier, number one, they don't know what they're having. and secondly she is secretly hoping for a son. while her husband prince william is secretly hoping for a daughter. >> good answer. the opposite sex -- sound like you are not, like rooting for the home team. >> sound like you don't know what you are going to actually have. sounds like you are not having a d-d-daughter. >> you had a boy. were you rooting for a boy or girl? >> i wanted a girl. i got a girl. >> every time you say that. i love my son. happy i had a boy. but you know, yeah. >> boys are rowdy. they are rowdy. charlie sheen. former private school parents of the daughter of charlie sheen went to the private school. they want him prosecuted. several parents of the viewpoint school in los angeles tell tmz a meeting was held thursday night
3:48 am
to address sheen's twitter rant in which he ordered millions of his fans to deface viewpoint with dog feces and rotten eggs and toilet paper. sheen urged fans to exact revenge on his school, because it did nothing to address a bullying situation. that involved his 9-year-old daughter sam. that could make you pretty mad. i have a 9-year-old daughter, if she was getting bullied i would be hot. parents say this is bad behavior. and they're not letting it slide. they say that sheen's twitter rant is going to put their kids in danger. >> sheen is in the news a lot. a little bit of a bad boy. >> a little bit? >> a little bit. some celebrity breakups and celebrity get-back-togethers. if that's how you say it. ryan seacrest and julianna living together, on vacations, pictures everywhere they went. they have split. moving on.
3:49 am
danny devito and his wife, rhea perlman, have called off their separation. >> they're going to get back together. >> after 30 years of marriage. they have been working on their relationship for the past couple of months and decided to give their union another chance. good for them. second chance for danny. he deserves it. >> talk about this one, emma watson, "harry potter" fame, that adorable, cutie grown into a beautiful woman. >> gorgeous. >> talk about a grownup woman. listen to this. there are rumors that emma watson was going to be in "fifty shades of grey." possibly cast in that -- >> ooh, hot. whew. >> did you read the book? >> no. >> i want to read a chapter. >> i read a chapter. >> how naughty is it? is it like -- >> what? >> i digress. she says this is not happening. who thinks i would do "fifty shades of grey" for really, for real? in real life? she is saying, nah, not so much. there are rumors. >> her reputation is of a young, pure girl. i can understand it. we have got to get to this -- it is abc. "dancing with the stars" returns march 18, today, two-hour premier. you want to watch it! >> there you go. ou go.
3:50 am
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♪ ♪ big john ♪ big bad john >> classic, my mom used to sing that song to me when i was a little kid. >> i'm going to call you big bad john. >> today we welcome the wild, and crazy new anchor. >> wild and crazy. that's me. >> a familiar face for many that watch "world news now." mr. john muller. welcome, welcome. happy, to have you. >> so happy to be here. >> a couple weeks ago, mr. john here showed us his great, great hula hooping. >> this is when you start roasting me. >> putting that college degree to work. the journalism degree on display. >> work it, work it, work it. >> you are good there, diane. >> i grew up with five sisters. yeah, i did the hula hoop more than a few times. you really wouldn't know it. it was a long time ago. >> that is the only way. >> that is so bad. >> that's so bad.
3:54 am
you kept it on top longer than i could. that's pretty good. >> all right. one of my favorite moments, watching "world news now" is you and rob doing the bro show. >> the bro show. >> a lot of fun. >> something unexpected came out of the sky. >> he is awesome. look at that. >> you never know what will happen around here. >> physical comedy, like chevy chase. >> excellent. you didn't flinch. that is your kind of comedy. >> a learning curve. i will learn to fall off the chair. >> the day you fall off the chair. twitter will officially blow up. and we did some digging around. john is not only a newsman, you are also a rock star. >> i am. >> you didn't tell me that. >> let's take a listen. >> oh, my goodness. ♪ >> where did you dig that one up? >> man of many talents. >> that was a fund raiser at south street seaport. a band i play with.
3:55 am
great bunch of guys. 121. yeah, i do singing on the side. play the guitar. hobbies. >> check it out. take a look at this, john's adorable daughter, 9-year-old daughter, alexa. they were at a father/daughter dance a couple weeks ago. that was absolutely adorable. tell me about alexa. we have 15 -- tell us about alexa. >> went to the daddy daughter dance at her school. awesome. scolded me for trying to dance like her and her friends. jumping up and down, being silly. dad cut it out. >> have to get to this? >> johnny boy and his family. >> 1972. >> rocking the '70s. look at dad's sideburns. i got a junior pair. the president of abc will chase me out with those. >> your five sisters? >> five sisters and a brother.
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
this morning, a papacy begins. >> pope francis getting rave reviews from his first holy day crowds. joking and ad libbing his comments. the new pope is facing old accusations from back home. and we're wlooif the latest. deadly crash. a jet plummets into a midwest neighborhood. ends up inside a house. beached, sea lion pups washing ashore in growing numbers. the crisis in california to find out why. and the $30 million mistake. the error everyone is talking about that cost a denver bronco his job and a huge payday. good morning, everybody. pope francis officially takes over the job during ceremonies tomorrow at the vatican. joe biden, america's first catholic vice president is heading the u.s. delegation at the inaugural mass. >> it was a quiet morning and it
3:59 am
is a quiet morning at st. peter's square. the calm before tomorrow's historic mass. the pope faces serious questions about his past. abc's devin dwyer is joining us from washington with more. >> reporter: dignitaries are arriving in rome from around the world. the 266th leader of the roman catholic church. he's been pope for only four days but francis is already celebrated as a people's pope. [ speaking italian ] >> reporter: speaking informally and with humor in his first sunday appearance from that window overlooking st. peter's square. in his first blessing, he told the crowd of got's love and forgiveness. and then a down-to-earth farewell. enjoy your lunch. >> he's a people person. he'll do amazing for the church. >> reporter: earlier sunday, he celebrated mass at a

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